Tap dance is the only style of dance native to America. It trains students in developing rhythm and coordination as well as teaching them to think and react spontaneously. With proper training, it is also beneficial in developing creativity.

Dress The Part: Any style and color leotard and Capezio brand Carmel tights. Shoes: tan tyettes, tan baby doll or black flat  jazz tap shoes. Check with your teacher on the style of shoes. There may be different shoes for certain classes.Tap shoes can be purchased through Dancer’s Workshop at a discounted price.

Hair: Pulled back.

Boys: White t-shirt, black sweatpants, shorts or dance pants, white socks and proper shoes.

All male dancers need to purchase dance belts. These and Capezio brand tights can be purchased at Fancy Dancers located at 9 Mile and Mack  in St. Clair Shores.

Dancer’s Workshop offers training in: