Ballet is the basis for all dancing. It requires concentrated and repetitive study, and demands a high level for self-discipline. Poise, grace and coordination along with music appreciation are accomplished through proper ballet training.

Dress The Part: All ballet classes from pre-school to adult- Black leotards, Capezio brand ballet pink seamless tights and pink ballet shoes. Wrap chiffon skirts (optional) any color. Ballet shoes can be purchased through Dancer’s Workshop. 

Hair: Pulled up and back in a bun or braid. Make sure hair is secure.

Boys: White t-shirt, black sweatpants, shorts or dance pants, white socks and proper shoes.

All male dancers need to purchase dance belts. These and Capezio brand tights can be purchased at Fancy Dancers located at 9 Mile and Mack  in St. Clair Shores.

Dancer’s Workshop offers training in: