Dancers Workshop Policies

We have no registration fees and our tuition cost is based on the length of time a class runs. In the summer we do offer a couple half hour classes and in the fall are classes our 45 minute and hour or longer per class. When enrolling you will be asked to pay the first month tuition and your recital fee. The recital fee is per family and will include a professional DVD of our June Recital.

Each month you will receive a bill of what you will owe for that month. Please make sure you pay at the desk at the beginning of each month on the first day your dancer has class. In November, November/December payments are due together. In January, payment will again be due monthly until May, which May/June payments are due together. Your class payments are due the first week of the month. If paid after the 15th of the month, there will be a $10 late fee added. It’s very important that you make payments the first week of the month as we would like to eliminate the late fee. The grace period is given for the occasional emergency, not to be used on a monthly basis.

Tuition is divided equally over 10 months, September through June, plus recital rehearsals and performances. Therefore, tuition fees remain the same every month! Some months are longer and will make up for shorter months when Holidays, breaks, or snow days happen. There will be NO prorated tuition for missed classes for any reasons.

Make up lessons, however, are offered all year, and we strongly encourage all students to make up their missed lessons. This can be done in a class of the same level or a lower level at your earliest convenience.

There is absolutely no refund of tuition and costume payments.

Recital costume deposit- We at Dancer’s Workshop understand that January can be a rough month for some due to the holidays. To make things easier on you we will be collecting a $25 deposit on each recital costume this will reduce the balance that will be due January 21, 2016. The deposit will be due by Saturday, September 17, 2016.

Each dancer will need to purchase rhinestone earrings at the desk for $10. These earrings will be worn for all recitals and vents unless told otherwise. Shoes can be purchased at Dancer’s Workshop at a discount. Hip hop shoes must be purchased at the studio.

Our teaching staff will place the students where they will benefit the most.

Class times may be subject to  change or be combined during the first months of the season depending on enrollment.

A $20 fee will be imposed on returned checks.

Dancer’s Workshop offers training in: