Dancer’s Workshop is a school where everyone dances and “has a blast”

Dance is for everyone from the 3 year old fantasizing about being a falry princess to the teenager trying her first hip hop class to the dedicated adult

Dancer’s Workshop isn’t just a dance studio. It’s more like a family, a second home to the dancers. We take people out of their ordinary lives and give them a moment that is a little more beautiful to take with them for the rest of their lives.

Your Children are our foremost interest and we ask for your cooperation in helping us bring them to their fullest potential. It is our desire not only to teach them dance, but to play a strong and positive role in their development. We think our reputation speaks for us, but remember, we can only accomplish those extra things with complete parental cooperation.

We thank you for choosing to share your children with us and we pledge our complete dedication to you and to them to give our very best.

Classes offered

  • Recreational
  • Pre-school 3-6
  • Recreational 7-adult
  • Teen classes
  • Adult classes
  • Intensive options for the serious dancer
  • Zumba
Dancer’s Workshop offers training in: